Get ready: Lighting 103 is coming in January.

Holy Smokes! Pocket Wizards: $245 a Set.

FINAL UPDATE - SOLD OUT: Please note that these are gone. They went fast, as they were a screaming deal. In the event MPEX gets more in like this, you will absolutely know first on Strobist, so check in periodically if you are looking to scam some mark-down PW's.


SECOND UPDATE: As per US Customs, this is US addresses only. When radio freq's are involved, people are paying attention these days.

UPDATE: Due to a heads-up from a Strobist reader, Moishe looked into the various country/frequency models of Pocket Wizards, with respect to shipping overseas. Here's the deal:

The PW's sold in Europe do, in fact have different frequencies. Yes, they will work fine. But for a 500th of a second, you might be naughtily tresspassing on someone else's spectrum. So Moishe, being a straight-up guy, if going to have to limit these to being shipped to USA addresses. (Not sure about Mexico/Canada - give him a phone or e-mail if you want to check.)

He stresses that this is not a shipping issue - he ships internationally at the drop of a hat - but one of RF spectrum protocol.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you international types, but rules is rules.


I just got back from the multimedia conference in Allentown to see a three-day-old e-mail sitting in my bulk e-mail box from Moishe at Midwest Photo Exchange. Idiot me forgot to add him to my address book. No wonder he keeps landing in my bulk mail folder.

Haven't had a chance to talk to him yet, but my guess is some company converted to the new models and swapped out.

Update: Just talked to him. These are straight from MAC (who owns Pocket Wizard) and are marked "student." So if you call or e-mail him, tell him you want the "student" version. (Wink, wink.)

Anyway, he's selling them for $245, with a 3 mo warranty. This is a steal. If you are on the bubble about PW's your train just came in. New, these went for $350 a set before they were upgraded to the (autosensing) Plus II's, which go for closer to $400 a set.

I have three transmitters and seven receivers, and I am still tempted.

And to think I kid the missus about shoes...

He said he has a few dozen sets left. I would think they will not last too long. They may or may not be on the website (these are kind of a special deal) so I would suggest phoning him at 614-261-1264, or e-mailing him at

If you are not sure if you will be happy with them, try to find someone who uses them who is not happy with them.



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