Updater on the Canon Flash Mods

Michael Bass has set up a website describing, among other things, his Canon flash sync sub-mini jack mods.

They have been well-received by Strobist readers, and will (hopefully) prompt Canon to include a PC sync on future flash models.

Anyway, he is no longer confined to eBay. Check out his page if you get a chance.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

An alternative (although not quite as elegant) was the TTL->PC connector I found at my local camera store. After reading Strobist i went out to find something like it. I'm pretty happy with being able to shoot off camera now!

November 14, 2006 9:56 AM  
Blogger midwestphotoexchange said...

Another alternative:
Paramount Hotshoe to Minimic.
Good price, and you don't need the extra mini to mini cord.


We've got them in-stock, 10 on hand now, 30 comming next week - $46.

Midwest Photo Exchange

November 14, 2006 6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pardon me for my numb skull in advance. So there is no way to connect a pocket wizard to a EX series Canon without this mod or a ttl to pc cable?

November 14, 2006 7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can do this for less than $3 if you use your current foot assembly.

November 15, 2006 12:00 AM  
Blogger midwestphotoexchange said...

Got one more option:

Hama makes a Hotshe to PC adapter. Basically adds a pc outlet to the bottom of your flash. Make sure get the Hotshoe to PC, not the PC to hotshoe version. With this block, you can use the PW PC cord that came with your pocket wizards.

HAMA adapter is $15. HA-6951

I'm expecting some in-stock today.

I trust the one I listed above a bit more because it is an all-in-one sollution, but the HAMA version will work great as well.

I also wanted to speak to the differences between the modification to the flash vs. buying an adapter.

The modified flash is just plain cool. I do hope Canon considers putting this in thier next generation. Or at least they should have a PC outlet like the Nikons!

There are 4 things I like about the corded sollutions.
1.It's a lot cheaper.
2.It's replaceable. If you drop or loose your flash, you are out the additional money you invested on the mod.
3.One cord will work on any flash you have. If you decide you need the feature on another flash, you can just switch the cord to that one.
4.Just to be honest here, I sell the cords, not the mod ;)

As a side note, for those of you considering buying a Pocket Wizard Plus II Tranceiver, now is the time!!! MAC group has more than 2,000 on back order. We have around 20 left in stock and are selling around 4 a day. I have a guy working very hard to get us some more. We ordered 200 more. I hope to have them in a couple weeks. If you can't get them, send me an email and I'll put you on a list.

Also, we are opening up shipping these to Canada now. We'll see how it works out. Sorry to you overseas chaps, it's still a no go.

Midwest Photo Exchange

November 15, 2006 2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had mike do the mod on my 580 and i have to say that i don't think i have had a better experience. he is knowledgeble, outgoing and does damn fine work.

highly, highly recommended.


November 16, 2006 2:38 PM  
Blogger Michael Bass said...

This mod is really not for everyone, for the very valid reasons Moishe describes above, although the cost difference between the mod and buying a hot shoe to mini plug adapter (Paramount) really isn't that great. The Hama hot shoe to PC isn't a bad choice at $15, but then it still is another adapter to keep track of.

Even though Strobist principles teach and encourage off camera lighting, some still do use the flash on camera, and want the ability to trigger the PW without using the PC connection on the camera, and still maintain E-TTL functions. You can do this function when the flash has an auxillary sync jack, but you can't do it using a hot shoe adapter.

Those that see the value, are truly excited by the results, and are willing to pay the fee I feel is fair, while others think it's a waste; that's ok; I am not offended at all.

If you lose or drop your flash, I think you might have bigger problems than whether you lost a flash and adapter, or a modified flash. The adapters are all friction fit, and unless it is attached through the bottom 1/4-20 thread, the adapter can come loose from where it is attached, while the flash unit itself has a locking ring to prevent it from coming out of whatever stand it is in. (Gaffers tape does work wonders though)

In truth, I am just a little guy who already has a full time profession who loves to tinker, invent, build things, and help out anyone I can; these and the other gadgets on my blog site are just part of a response to a need I found when my son started having cabling issues for his Canon equipment.

[As an aside, I originally was in touch with Canon technical support for help with schematic exploded diagrams as an aid to me in making this work, and trying to convince them of the need to have this function...they didn't want to discuss it beyond "no" and "no".]

On the 580, anyone with minimal mechanical and soldering skills can do the mod themselves, and it doesn't take too long to do, although for the other units, and even the OffCameraCord, things are way more fussy to fit the jack in place, and for sure, only the sub-mini jack will fit. There just isn't room for a mini jack without having it external to the flash on a pigtail cord. It also would be difficult to do this mod on an OEM replacement foot and field replace it on all but the 580, as for the other units, the OEM foot is just the shell, and all the parts have to be taken out of one and placed in the other.

This isn't rocket science, it's just mechanical engineering!

Thanks to all of you who have left me so many positive comments in your e-mails since my blog went live on Tuesday...I am glad I can help, and welcome further suggestions on new items and improvements to the old ones!


November 16, 2006 5:39 PM  
Blogger Carl Hutzler said...

I did this modification myself to my Nikon SB-25's. I thought others might be interested in how, so I posted instructions on my blog. Enjoy.

December 04, 2006 2:06 PM  
Anonymous brian said...

Hot Shoe Adapter w/ 3.5mm 1/8" miniphone Port Strobist

Wow, I was looking forever and thought I'd just have to buy a bunch of connectors or mod my own pc sync hotshoes to have a mini/sub-mini jack... but now I just found one on ebay for $17 delivered! USA seller "121world", check out his hotshoe adapters here. Just wanted to spread the word for anyone else in need!

November 30, 2008 12:13 PM  

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