Introduce your Product, Service or Website to 250,000 Photographers

Why just read Strobist when you can be part of it?

Now you can introduce your company to self-motivated digital photographers all around the word in a single, low-cost step. Strobist is particularly interested in partnerships with quality companies who seek to build long-term, nonpredatory relationships with enthusiastic, growing photographers. Because that's what we do, too.

Consider the stats:

Over the course of a month, Strobist averages 1.5-2 million page views from over 250,000 different photographers from all over the world. (I know. Kinda freaks me out, too.)

Where we come from:

USA: 56.94%
Canada: 8.44%
UK: 7.38%
Australia: 3.33%
Germany: 3.09%
Netherlands: 1.47%
Sweden: 1.26%
Finland: 1.22%
Italy: 1.01%
Spain: 0.90%
155 other countries: 14.96%

(Source: Google Analytics)

Who We Are:

Lighting Geeks: 99.999%
Normal People: 00.001%


General Info

Banner ads are priced per 1,000 impressions on the site (also known as "CPM"). Strobist offers only CPM pricing: No networks, text links, pay for reviews, remnant inventory resellers or CPC/CPA programs. Please do not contact us if you represent an ad network, third party reseller or need a text link/performance based ad. No offense meant.

Main Site Display Ads

PLEASE NOTE: There is currently no main site display ad inventory available. That said, if you would like to get on a waiting list, please leave a comment as detailed below.

Prices for image-linked banner ads on the main site (when available) are:

• 728p X 90p leaderboard: $8.20/CPM
• 200p X 100p sidebar: $3.40/CPM
• 728p X 90p bottom of page: $2.15/CPM

(*Example: At $3.40/CPM (i.e., per 1,000 page views) the cost to get your ad displayed 1,500,000 times would be $5,100.00.)

Ad position within these categories is based on seniority.

Acceptable formats are jpegs, standard .gifs and (within reason) animated gifs. You may host the file, or we will do it for you. (Our preference is for the former if you have the capability, as it allows you swap out ad content at will.) All ads must be appropriate to the niche of the site are subject to prior approval. Payment is accepted via check or PayPal. Minimum time commitment is one month.

Still have questions? Please leave a comment (with contact info) describing your business and proposal below. Your comment and contact info will not be published.

Please note: If you do not leave a contact email address, I cannot get back to you! (D'oh!)


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