Speedlinks, 10/3/2008

First things first: I really need to do a sig photo for the speedlinks. I'm thinkin' tastily lit macro shot of two sausage links sizzling on the griddle. Got any other ideas? Comment 'em to me below.

Until then, your latest batch of artless speedlinks, after the jump:

• Robert Benson blogs about an insane man named Mark J. Rebilas, who will PW-remote his cameras just about anywhere. Holy crap, would you strap your DSLR to one of those airborne BMX bikes? Company body -- yeah, maybe. Personal body -- uh, no.

• Elinchrom has debuted a new 400WS battery flash: The Ranger Quanta. (Specs here, first Photokina video grope here.)

• If you haven't seen the Rangefinder Magazine article on small-flash corporate shooter David Tejada, you can now read it via PDF.

• Would you like to see dramatic portraiture up close and personal? Are you willing to work for free (grub included) to do it? Michael Grecco is looking for an intern.

• Martin Prihoda just finished his first gazillion watt-second lighting workshop, so you have to figure there was a YouTube video coming...


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