Speedlinks: March 22, 2009

In this edition: Remote nuptials, utter normality, voyeurism, Malaysian mods, a portable office and free CLS videos -- after the jump.

• "No, worries, ma'am. It's standard procedure to mount a G9 into any excess cleavage space in the wedding gown..." -- Forget the Final Four. Hassel Weems is using multiple remote PW'd cameras at weddings. (Via PW blog)

• 50 Sense: Photographer Kirk Tuck makes the case that normal is underrated.

• Get your voyeur on with Andrew "WTJ" Hetherington's silent, first-person POV video made during a visit to a cramped-but-cool NYC studio.

• Mod Squad: Don Giannatti has a pretty detailed open box post on the Speedlight Pro kit we mentioned a ways back.

• Top Shelf: Way OT, but something I wish I would have thought of when I was working as a PJ: This Gizmodo post slamming Brian Lam for his dress code (with which I personally have no problem, heh) also shows off a nifty mobile computing hack. Brilliant.

• Last but not least: For Nikon CLS newbs, Scott Kelby just started a three-part CLS series on his new weekly web video, DTownTV. It is unabashedly Nikon, but if you are new to CLS (i.e., if you have a pop-up camera and an SB and do not know how to marry them wirelessly) you'll wanna see this. And you can't beat the price -- it's free.

NOTE: And to Canon (or other) users, I know I am banging the Nikon drum this week. If you see good quality venues for Canon E-TTL stuff (or other brands) give me a heads-up in the comments.

And no, that does not mean if you start a site on how to use flash with a 1972 Practika LTL-3, it is automatically gonna get featured here. Just trying to shake the trees for stuff at this level going on for other brands.


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