A Guide to Choosing Photo and Lighting Gear

First off, think of this less as a "what to buy" list, and more of the conversation over beers if a friend was asking my advice on what kind of gear to purchase, and in what order.

The gear you choose is a very personal decision, and no one can make that call for you. What I can do is to show you what choices I have made for myself and why.

Your choices may well be different. Perhaps way different. And that's cool. For myself, the choices listed below were hard-won by the experience of 35 years as a photographer, with 20+ years as a staff newspaper shooter.

Translation: Grad degree from the School of Hard Knocks.

My choices may or may not be exactly yours, you'll likely not go hugely wrong having been guided by them.

NOTE: If you are just starting out, Lighting 101 has an detailed primer on a beginner's lighting kit. I'd recommend going there first.

The below segments are linked together, so you can easily read them in sequence if you want. Or jump in anywhere from the following links:

1. Cameras
2. Lenses
3. Lights
4. Triggers
5. Light Stands
6. Soft Modifiers
7. Hard and Specialty Modifiers
8. Tripods
9. Cases and Carts
10. Books and More


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