Lighting 101 To Go

It's like Lighting 101, but in convenient takeout form.

PLEASE NOTE that there is no need to request permission to share the document. It is public. So you can just link to the Google Drive (as I have) or to this Strobist page if you feel the context would help.

Or you can download and host it yourself, so long as you do not change it.

Also, viewing it online the photos look very compressed and pixelated. This is fixed when you download it and view it locally. Which is the entire point of the PDFs.

In English

Thanks to efforts of Strobist reader Michael Turcotte (and if this PDF helps you, please do shoot him a 'thanks') the new version has now been port-i-fied. As a PDF it is viewable on darn-near anything, including of course on your offline computer.

The English PDF is here. Feel free to download it (it looks better that way as compared to viewing in the embedded Google PDF viewer). You can even print it out if you want.


The Portuguese (Brazil) version of Lighting 101 is here. Thanks to the translation efforts of Eduardo Cassus.


There are actually two versions in German, so take your pick!

The first is from Erik Vierheller and Ulrike Linn, and is available here.

The second is from journalist (and photo enthusiast) Oliver M. Zielinski, and is here.


The Spanish version PDF of Lighting 101 is courtesy of Francisco Alvarez Raineri (translation) and Sebastián Tellería (proofreading). You can find it here.


The French version PDF of Lighting 101 is courtesy Cédric Hauteville. You can find that version here.


Huge thanks to the translators of Lighting 101. Because of their efforts, many others will be able to read it in their native language.

If you are interested in creating other-language versions of the revised L101 in PDF format, feel free to do so and to shoot me a link to them via Twitter. I'll host them somewhere that can bear the bandwidth, and then add the link to this page.

You are more than welcome to translate L101 into other languages as long as you do not alter the original content, nor include links to any other sites. Please let me know if you are working on a language, so I can try to avoid others duplicating your work. I will, of course, credit translators who will henceforth have the undying thanks of foreign readers.

Please note that Lighting 101 is the only module on the site for which PDF publication is permitted.


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