New Links Added: Some Great Shooters' Sites

I noticed a lot of traffic coming my way from Sports Shooter yesterday, and stopped by to check out why. Turns out someone had included Strobist in a collection of favorite photo links. (Thanks, Paul!)

I cruised through many of the other links that had been suggested by others there and put some of the best photog's sites up on the links page. Some of these are stunning examples of both quality of work and how to showcase it.

Warning: DO NOT visit the link page now if it is getting near your bedtime. You could have a couple hours of compulsive clicking waiting for you. But if your S.O. is already asleep, what the heck. You can rest later.

The link is at the right, on the sidebar. Or just click here to head straight there. (Hit "refresh" if the new stuff does not come up for you.)



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