It's Easy to be PC.

This will be old news to many, but I get so many questions as to "how, exactly to hook an off-camera strobe up to my XXXX-model digital camera" that I am gonna post it anyway.

The Nikon AS-15 PC adapter will turn any hot shoe into a working PC jack. It's $20, and this is one of those cases where it pays not to get the $10 off-brand model, because this thing works.

I have gone through a few of the no-name brand ones back when I was using a camera that did not have a PC jack. I can tell you that the frustration is not worth the extra $10.

It is not TTL, which is good. That means it is agnostic as to camera brand, and will turn your digital-anything-with-a-hot-shoe into a much more capable camera.

Flying to another continent? Go coach, and save $1,500 bucks.

Adding a PC jack to your Nikon D70 or Canon EOS Digital Rebel? Go first class.


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