Lighting Boot Camp Archive Page

Here is where you will find, in order of appearance, all of the Boot Camp-related posts.

As they will pretty quickly move off of the front page, this archive page will be linked near the top of the sidebar. If you have any Boot Camp-related comments, please post them in the Flickr thread related to the particular assignment.

Links to the thread are in the original assignment posts.

1. Guidelines and "Headshot" Assignment
a. "Headshot" Deadline: One Week from Today
b. Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls
c. "Headshot" Assignment: Discussion
2. "Background" Assignment
a. "Background" Assignments Coming In
b. "Background" Assignment: Discussion
3. "Look Smart" Assignment
a. "Look Smart" Assignment: Discussion
4. "Water" Assignment
a. "Water" Assignment: Discussion
5. "View with a Room" Assignment
a. "Room" Assignment: Discussion
6. "CD" Assignment
a. "CD" Assignment: Discussion


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