The Lazy Man's Snoot

Well, heck. It can't get much easier than this.

Strobist reader Mattie Davitt commented on the Snoots and Gobos page that a box of spaghetti makes a perfectly sized snoot for the small-head Nikon SB's such as the SB-800, -28, etc.

This is kinda cool, because you can just keep a couple of these boxes in your lighting bag and let the need of a given subject drive how tight you want to make the beam of light. Just cut (or even tear) it to your desired length and slip it on.

(Thanks, Mattie.)


UPDATE: No sooner than I had typed this up, I checked the morning rounds and saw that there was yet another kitchen-Strobist tip from yet another Matt. So here it is:

Seattle photog/hacker Matt W. has converted a cheap, retractable "Swiffer pole" into a strobe-on-a-rope monopod substitute.

(Thanks, Matt.)

Yes, folks, we at the Strobist International Headquarters go to the Matt for you when it comes to scouring the web for cheapo lighting ideas. Got any kitchen flash gear tips of your own? Stick 'em in comments section!



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