POTW 2/10/07; Still Sans Email

As I continue to try to resolve my no-inbound-emails problem (and to try to work out more London seminar details without that little convenience) I am taking a sanity break to do this week's POTW.

We had some amazing photos this week, including a really cool shower self-portrait.

In the end, I was never able to figure out how much of the look of the photo was due to lighting and how much was due to the HDR post processing. Nothing against, HDR, but this is the lighting site. The HDR blog is down the hall.

Hmm. "HDRist? HD-Arrrrrrrrgh? Someone ought to do a site like that. Any takers?

POTW: Score One for the Skaters

This awesome skateboarding photo, by Ismael Gomez, jumped out at me the moment I saw it.

FWIW, as I look at the 300 or so new Flickr pool photos that pop up each week, I stick cool stuff - pictures, DIY how-to's, etc. - in my favorites folder and go back to them regularly.

All week, I could not go to my faves icons without opening this photo back up.

Talk about having the whole package. Look at all of the things he has going on here:

• He's cross lighting with a pair of Vivitar 285's - hopefully HV's if he is physically connected. I'm telling you, these things rock.

• He's got the warm-flash-vs-cool-ambient thing happening.

• Speaking of the ambient, he nailed the tonal balance. Just nailed it.

• Perfect timing for nice action - this photo isn't just about the light.

• And the ambient/flash combined exposure both freezes and give the smallest hint of motion.


If I was sent out to shoot at my local skate park, I would be totally stoked to come back with this image. And if anyone out there works for Yahoo: C'mon. Little help, please...

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