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Temptation Getting the Better of Me

It's almost midnite, and I'm the only one awake in the house. Ever notice how gear lust seems to hit late at night? I swear, it's like a seven-year itch for me.

Not that I would ever, ever experience the real thing. (Hi, honey!)

Anyone here own a Canon G7? (For the unfamiliar, here is DPReview's take.)

I played with one up in Rhode Island, right in full view of the Nikon guys across the aisle. Felt guilty, but I did it anyway. Oooh, it was nice.

Ten megapixels, feels kinda like a Leica (or at least a Contax - couple of nicely clicking dials up top...) vibration reduction, hot shoe (for my PW's of course) huge screen, 35/2.8 equiv that zooms to a 200 and a real nice chip.

Getting woozy just thinking about it.

Anyone here using one of these things? They are less than $500 street, and I am thinking about pulling the trigger. I'd have to have it shipped to the office of course.

Somebody talk me out of (or into) it in the comments...


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