Speedlinks, 7/21/07

Just a quick reminder that Seattle registration has been pushed back until Sunday due to a conflict with the huge, local Flickr group outing. Info will be posted tomorrow at 8:00a PDT.

I'll also start up a Flickr thread to move the discussion off of the main board in consideration of all of the non-Seattle readers.


That Old Black Magic: Imagine what I would write about if I had a closet full of SB-800's and some actual talent? Well, you don't have to. Because that's what Dave Black does day in, day out at his Workshop at the Ranch lighting how-to site. Really good, high-end stuff if you are into Nikon CLS. Check it out.

Quack Open the Champagne: What the Duck turned one year old this Tuesday. Reader-generated headlines and all, Aaron is totally breaking the mold of what it means to be a cartoonist. Way to go, man.

PBF, Covering Your Butt: Harrington was on a tear this week, writing about Video shooters making the front page at The Post, the rise of Citizen Photojournalism and Ads on Photographers' Backsides. (That last one was a big topic in Newsphoto at The Sun this week, too.)

I Sync, Therefore I am: Pocket Wizard Multimaxes (the fancy pants ones with all of the premuim, on-demand channels) are back in stock after being MIA in the USA for over four months. MPEX is celebrating with special pricing at $278.00 (add to cart to see new price.)

OT, But Fun: My drop in productivity this week has been largely due to dumb little Superman photography game, wherein you try to shoot his photo as he flies by. Best I can do is 132. (But then, the game uses a Canon camera.) Hit us with your high score in the comments!


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