Free Download: Simply Well Lit with Joe McNally

I was hanging out in Penn Camera (my local photo store/pro shop) last week when I came across a very cool promotional brochure put out by the folks at Bogen Imaging. It's a 24-page, oversized, heavy stock Elinchrom brochure wrapped around a photo shoot by Joe McNally.

I am a big fan of Joe McNally. If he did a video on how to make toast, I would probably watch it. But a brochure illustrating many different types of light on a gorgeous Kazakh model?

Yeah, I'm there. (More after the jump.)

A Sampling of Quotes:

On restricting light:

"... If you want something to look interesting, don't light all of it. ..."

On the ubiquity of the ring light:

"... It actually has gotten a bit of a bad rap, probably from overuse in those downtown magazines with catchy names that usually last for about two issues and run page after page of disaffected, outlandishly dressed young people, apparently high on some form of illegal substance, staring vacantly at the camera with a circular highlight in their overlarge pupils. ..."

And, needing no qualification or justification whatsoever:

"... When I explained the concept to the model, she queried me in her rich Kazakh accent, 'So I will be nude, yes?' ..."

(Okay, am I the only one who could actually hear that being said, out loud, in my head?)


Fortunately, we live in a world where, if you create a brochure like this, it almost certainly gets converted to a .pdf and stuck on a site somewhere. You can download the brochure here. (Right click it to download to your computer.)

If you want to see for yourself Joe McNally shooting glorious Kazakh model with Elinchrom lights for glory of Kazakhstan on niiiice paper, shoot Bogen Imaging an email and request a copy.

Stick something like "Request for Simply Lit Brochure seen on Strobist" in the header, to make sure your email will be seen by the poor person whose job it will be to address brochures for the next few days. (And don't forget to give them your snail mail address.)


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