Fear Not, Earthlings: The 'radiopopper' Comes to Your Primitive Planet In Peace

Arizona wedding shooter Kevin King just may have invented the Strobist equivalent of the flux capacitor. The radiopopper wireless synch is said to bridge your Nikon CLS or Canon E-TTL and extends the range to up to 500 feet.

(More after the jump.)

Specs say it works in dumb mode, too, just like a Pocket Wizard or Poverty Wizard, even using the same, 1/8" miniplug. And you can always use the whole setup to go long-range manual, of course.

King said he expects the price to be in the Pocket Wizardish neighborhood. They are talking about it as if it is not just vaporware, either. Until I actually see it work, I am from Missouri on this one.

They say they are currently testing and awating FCC approval. Hoping to ship (from warehouses near Roswell, New Mexico, no doubt) in quantity in January of '08.

Kevin, if you are looking for Beta testers...

:: Spec Sheet :: (So good it borders on being synch porn. Right click to download.)
:: radiopopper Website ::

(Thanks for the tip, Andrew.)


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