Speedlinks, 9/22/2007

Ah, I love fall. The time of year when fourteen* teams line up to knock heads with the University of Florida Gators on the football field. And something or other about leaves and pretty colors.

While I am trying to find video (or audio) of this week's game on the 'net, hit the jump for a fresh batch of speedlinks on which to waste your precious time:

• PopPhoto intrepid gearhound Jack Howard has reviewed the crap out of the new, Strobisty Canon G-9. Two-word summary of his findings: "Get one." I'm gonna.

Nathan Welton has chimed in over at Dream Time Images, too.

• Is your country shaped like a boot? If so, you're in luck: The Lampista group has finished translating Lighting 101 into Italian. (There are a couple of other language translation sites in the works, too.)

• Reader Duncan Kinney is blogging about his experiences working at a pro photog's studio.

• Reader Kirk Tuck is getting more web exposure than O.J. in a hotel room these days. Here he is, reviewing the Fuji S5, and talking at length about the small-flash lifestyle. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

• Flying with your gear? You'll get a lot of good info from Fish. (Thanks for the tip, Bill.)

(* Hopefully -- Counting the SEC Championship and National Championship games.)


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