Speedlinks, 9/29/2007

• Fish has advice on getting your photo gear past the highly trained TSA professionals.

• Jason shows you where to score some cheap black straws.

• Okay, after reading the T-O-P review, I am definitely getting a G-9 now.

• Here's how to tie-dye your own muslin background if you are gonna, like, shoot some hippies, man.

• If you are shooting for this outdoor advertising company, you'd better be shooting RAW.

• With a bag full of company-supplied, high-end Nikon digital gear at his disposal, fellow Sun shooter Chris Assaf prefers to work with cheap, plastic, film-suckin' Holgas.

• Need money? Here's a fine selection of photographic career opportunities, courtesy blogger Alec Soth. (First order of bidness: Dress the part.)



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