Strobist Reader-Designed Pocket Wizard Caddy

Reader Hil, an industrial designer by day, has created a way to mount your Pocket Wizards to a light stand or directly to a flash. He calls it the Pocket Wizard "Remote Transceiver" Caddy.

Having tried it, I can can report that it works very well. Your "remote transceiver" is basically part of the stand when it is attached.

Why would you even want one of these? Most people just hang 'em by the included straps, obviously. I take the straps off of my older, non switch-hitter tranmitters so I can tell them from the receivers. (The transmitters do not need straps as they mount to the hot shoe.)

But those of you who shoot weddings or events (or work in any venue where you have to shoot and scoot) will appreciate everything traveling together as a unit and not banging around when you are on the move. They are currently available at MPEX, for $15.

(You also may remember Hil from the very cool PVC water-resistant speedlight housing we featured last July.)

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