Easy Nikon SB-600 Sync Jack Mod

For most people, the biggest difference between the Nikon SB-800 and SB-600 speedlights is the presence (or lack) of a Pocket Wizard-friendly sync jack. Remember the genius/insanity guy from a couple weeks ago?

Well, here's another idea from him that is all genius without that pesky "insanity" part. It's also cheap and easy.

Aki K. has taken the little AS-19 stand thingie that comes with the SB-600 (and the -800) and created a slick little sync jack mod using a female 1/8" mono jack. That's about three bucks at Radio Shack or any one of a gazillion other places.

The genius is in the simplicity: He drilled a couple of holes in the AS-19 and connected the leads of the jack (using bare wire) to the center point (positive) and along the rail (negative) areas of the insides of the plastic cold shoe part. The jack fits right one of the other shoe feet. A jack, a little wire, a drill and some glue. Sweet.

Here's the genius-er part: Your required cord to sync your SB-600 to a Pocket Wizard is now a 1/8" mono-to-mono audio patch cord -- also $3.99 at Radio Shack and many other places.

Nice thinkin' there Aki. Click the pic (or here) to see more details on how to do it, ask him questions, give him props -- whatever. You can also see his whole camera kit, chock full of second-hand bargains and DIY'd goodies, here.


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