Saturday Speedlinks: 12/01/2007

TTD, FLAMBÉ STYLE: Remember in last week's speedlinks, when I joked about an "engulfed in flames" trash-the-dress shoot? Apparently, it's been done.

CHASE JARVIS NEED NOT APPLY: Trying to travel with gear without checking bags? Fish shows you how to lose a little weight at the airport when trying to sneak your gear past the gate check police.

Microstock is a fantastic deal for the buyer. PDNPulse, on corporations buying huge blocks of credits.

BBC, on microstock's threat to traditional photo sales.

Konstantin Sutyagin, whom we profiled earlier, on not getting rejected by a microstock agency.

FREEBIE OF THE WEEK: If you are a Flickr user and have not tried their Flickr Uploadr software, try it. It rocks. I broke it in by uploading my entire Paris trip photo set in one drag-and-drop. Fast, free and easy. For PC and Mac.



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