Education Roundup

The upcoming Feb 16th and 17th Orlando, Florida lighting seminars are sold out. But there is lots more education stuff on the menu, including more upcoming seminars, after the jump.

Education Notes

• I am in the process of venue selection for the Mar. 15-16 seminars in Phoenix, AZ. More details coming soon.

• Scott Kelby's new tome, The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 2, is out, following the wildly successful Vol. 1. I helped edit the chapter on flash, which, like the rest of the book is vintage, nuts-and-bolts Kelby. It is reviewed by a Strobist reader Ivan Makarov, here.

• Registration for the Northern Short Course (Rochester, NY, Mar. 13-15) has opened. I will not be teaching there this time due to a scheduling conflict. But they have a very strong roster of speakers this year, including my long-time friend, Chris Usher, whom I will be very sad to miss. These NPPA things are always killer deals and you should definitely try it out if you are in the Northeast USA.

• I will be doing four two-hour workshops at the Southern Short Course (Charlotte, NC, Mar. 27-31) geared toward working photojournalists and environmental portraiture. These NPPA things are ridiculously cheap, and tend to sell out quickly. (Last year's was $75.00 for all four days of speakers and workshops.) Registration is not open yet, but it pays to keep a watch on the site.

Charlotte, BTW, is starting to come on as a Strobist meetup city: See the recent garage-shoot video, here.

• John Harrington just posted a truckload of new gear videos on his Assignment Construct site. It is becoming clear to me that John is single-handedly supporting the entire photo gear industry at this point. I am thinking his next video will be on how to choose the best U-Haul trailer to carry it all.

UPDATE: John has a great video, from the photog's perspective, on covering Bush's last State of the Union Address last night, posted here.

• Long range planning, I will be teaching long-form, multi-day seminars in Dubai (UAE) in late April / early May. If you are in that area of the world (Dubai is an easy flight for many) I'd love to see you there. There are others teaching -- people you will most definitely want to see -- but if I told you about them now, I'd have to kill you. More details coming soon.


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