No Direct Flash, Please. We're British.

UPDATE: Swapped to a better version of the video. Runs smoother and has more stills.

The folks in Seattle know they are cool. They work their big-bucks day jobs and then meet up at night to flash each other in airplane hangars.

But across the Atlantic in Croydon (near London) at The Croydon Advertiser, they get to do this small-flash lighting stuff all day long and get paid for it. In Pounds Sterling, no less.

Never heard of the Croydon Advertiser? It's where "SitBonzo" (AKA David Berman) works. And if anything could be cooler than British TV, it would be an instructional British lighting video, of course. Click the icon at bottom right on the screen to video it full screen.

(Eatcher heart out, Ogalthorpe.)

More Croydon lighting hijinks -- and stills, for the commenters who asked -- here.



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