Freeze Frame: Lighting Night Snowboarding

Winter weather has been total crap here in Maryland. I dunno if it is global warming or what, but I had to hop in the Hummer and drive 200 miles -- that's 17 gallons of gas at $3.25 per gallon -- just to find some good snow last week. Sheesh.

No so in the northern UK, where the guys from the Edinburgh University Ski and Snowboard Club Shoot took their speedlights out to the slopes -- and the jumps -- for a little fun.

What works:

Nice cross lighting - including some good angle light courtesy what appears to be a very tall stand. Also, they have the ambient balance thing down pretty well, too. The sodium vapors actually add some good color when underexposed by a couple of stops. Which, it appears, is exactly what they did.

As a bonus, the slower shutter speeds (to get the balance) gave them the opportunity for some flash panning for another layer to some of the photos.

And when it starts to snow, well, those backlit flakes are definitely working. I am jealous of that weather.

I'd Consider Changing:

Speaking of the snow, I cringed when I saw that SB-800 and PW covered in ice and snow at the end of the shoot. Big flash capacitors and melting snow do not play nice. Especially if you decide to give your strobe a tongue bath on the way home. No that I do. As far as you know.

For next time: Slip a clear freezer bag over the flash and PW. it can even stay open on the bottom. Just a cheap little SB-800/PW raincoat to maybe save you $500.00 on the combo, just in case.

Actually, in the UK, it'll save you closer to double that...



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