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Speedlnks: Sept. 8, 2008

Quickie batch of bonus speedlinks for Monday morning, after the jump:

• PDN ran a piece on Tim Kent's amazing car photography, thus justifying Ken Brown's subscription for the next ten years. Don't miss the companion OA-style sidebar, too.

• If you live in eastern Canada and are a fan of Martin Prihoda, you may wish to check out a big-lights seminar he'll be doing in Toronto later this month.

• My bet is most of us get a steady stream of requests to shoot photos of friends and family. This is how you might do it if you were contributing SI shooter (and current cover boy) David Bergman. If that SI thing does not work out, Dave, you would make a heckuva yearbook photographer...

• If you are willing to give up your email address -- and can read German -- California Sunbounce is giving away 450 day passes to Photokina.

• Finally, in case you haven't seen it yet: Vincent Laforet takes a video stroll through Pocket Wizard heaven at the finish line of the 100m sprint at the Olympics. (Patrick Smith, if you are reading this from a public computer, you might want to put a pillow over your lap before you watch it...)


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