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Orbis Enters the Ring

The much-awaited Orbis Ring Flash Adapter is finally coming off the production lines. Enlight Photo has moved from a teaser site to the Full Monty, with lots more details and pix.

Orbis is the first (non-DIY) competitor to the Ray Flash, and lowers the entry cost for a commercial ring flash adapter.


• Introductory Price: $169 US (with $16.99 shipping to US - for other areas see site)

• One size fits most all shoe-mount flashes -- except the big-headed Vivitar 285, apparently.

• Requires off-camera sync of some kind (can use off-camera TTL cord)

• Larger lighting surface area than Ray Flash - (should be softer light, will test soon)

• First units ship in December, in three weeks

More details, FAQ, pix, etc., at Orbis website.



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