Always Remember, Clients Can Smell Fear

UPDATE #2: Someone asked in the comments about Bert's "gunslinger"-type strap. It's a R-Strap.

UPDATE #1: Bert detailed his post-production process on the shot here.


What is your reaction when one of your best clients asks you to do a huge group shot in a dark, 800-seat auditorium? As Bill Cosby once said, "First you say it, then you do it."

Then you take a moment to calm down and pray that the ceiling in the cavern is white.

Belgian photographer Bert Sephani stepped out of his comfort zone and made it happen recently. And it goes without saying that speedlights need not apply on this one. But to Bert's credit, he accomplished it with two battery-powered Elinchroms, which were expertly aimed for even lighting across the auditorium.

Which is kind of interesting, really, because in all of Belgium there is only one Elinchrom Ranger available for rent. So he had to buy the other one.

Luckily for us, he produced a video for his excellent photo website/podcast, Squeeze the LIME, which should definitely be on your RSS list if it is not already.

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