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Nick Turpin: Back on the Street

London-based speed-lighter Nick Turpin has brought a videographer along on another one of his snooted SB-800 street shoots.

For the shoot (done for MensHealth magazine) he simply approached appropriately dressed strangers on the street and created an instant studio around them.

Video, links and more pix after the jump.


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I love this look, as much for the low-impact gear aspect as for the results themselves. Just underexpose the ambient, then go in and carve in some highlights with the strobes to add depth and dimension to the scene.

In terms of needing permits for commercial shoots, the fact that Nick can work without light stands or tripods usually eliminates the need for any sort of street shooting permit.

Well, any place but London, maybe. Just carrying a camera in that city can get you in trouble.

Recent laws enacted in the UK pretty much equate just having a camera with being a terrorist. Literally, if you are taking pictures on the street in London you can be searched and/or arrested if an officer "reasonably suspects" you of, well anything.

How's that for a first-world free and open society?

Actually, Nick had a few words to say about that for iN-PUBLiC, an organization that advocates for street photographers.

I suppose they could rewrite the laws to allow only people with dinky little cell phone cameras to shoot on the street. But then, Nick just finished a worldwide ad campaign using only a cell phone camera, too.

They will probably outlaw people with photographic memories next.

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