Speedlinks: 03/06/2009

In this edition: Umbrella lighting, car wrecks, epic journeys, imperfection, self-promotion and reinvention.

(After the jump.)

• Quick eye candy: Steven Haulenbeek's beautiful lighting installations -- using photographers' shoot-through umbrellas.

(Thanks to Brad, via Toxel.)

• Remember Blair Bunting? (Rembrandt Lighting: NOT.) While it is always a good idea to let Blair photograph your hot ride, think twice about ever letting him drive it. (Scroll down.)

• Joey Lawrence, fresh back from Africa, had a great (if a bit NSFW-ish) post on Scott Kelby's blog. If you want to read more, Joey has several epic, travelog-style posts on his blog. (Scroll down.) Very much worth a read. It has me wondering what in the world he will do next.

• From the Cobblers-Kids-Have-No-Shoes-Department: Photographer Eddie Roman filmed his own commercial. What a great idea. Here we are, visual peeps, with tons of free video distribution platforms, and how many people have thought to do this?

• So, what do you do after you have nailed your post production skills to the point of perfections? Scott (Chase Jarvis' go-to post guy) has an idea: Embrace imperfection.

* And finally -- two absolute, "must-sees" for photographers:

Tim Mantoani on loving what you do, and Zack Arias on reinventing yourself.


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