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DIY Remote Trigger Debuts

Are you too geeky for PocketWizards?

Did you win your 8th grade science fair?

Do you know what an "opto-isolator" is?

Then you are a prime candidate for SPOT, the Strobist Project Open-source Trigger. Started quite a ways back, it has finally taken form -- along with a pretty cool case, as seen in this photo.

Features, specs and link after the jump.

Here it is with no clothes.

Mad props to Till Seyfarth and all involved in this very impressive project. Next up, they will be showing you how to build a home-brew SB-800 for just $56.

(I wish....)


• Synchs at up to 1/250th of a second
• Approximately 30-meter range
• Triggers through walls and windows
• 4 groups of adjustable flashes
• Remote power level adjustment for "old" flashes (e.g. SB-24)
• Cost of parts ~ €50
• Open source software

(Full info, schematics, wiki, source code, etc., here.)


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