Speedlinks: May 11, 2009

It's been a loooong while since the last speedlinks. And since those tidbits never stop coming in, this edition is of the Xtra Large ilk.

Among today's offerings: LOTR, ice cave shooting, burning stuff with light, studio strobes in the rain, a road trip, Erika Larson, and more. Inside.


• Are you an LOTR fan? (Hint: If you have to ask what LOTR stands for, you aren't.)

There is a new fan-produced movie coming out and Strobist reader Alex Beckett shot some of the stills. (Orcs and speedlights!) Oh, and you can see the trailer and learn more about the movie here.

• One of many interesting recent tidbits from the Redux Blog: Time Asia runs a setup shot. Add my vote to those hoping this is a new trend...

• Flash in an ice cave? Sure, why not?

• Totally awesome: This is how they play with light at the Googleplex.

• It's Profotos in the rain in this video of an ESPN Magazine shoot of Kelly Slater. Thanks to Steve for the tip.

• Photographer Ben Baker kicked butt on a series of high-end "board of directors" shoots for Fortune Magazine. Andrew at WTJ was all over it with plenty of behind-the-scenes stuff.

• Photographer Paul Souders is on a USA road trip. His dispatches are beautifully illustrated, funny and quick-hit. Perfect fodder for any shooter's RSS reader, and highly recommended.

• If you keep a camera in your car, and you love it, make sure it is wearing one of these.

• Redux shooter Erika Larson's interview on Zoom-In contains beautiful images and some very wise words for portrait photographers. (Thanks, Myles.)


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