International Gels; OCF Mags Galore at PhotoPlus Expo

Two quick updates on previous Strobist items today:

First, the international rollout of the Strobist gel kits, and second, how to score one of many free Strobist OCF magnets at PhotoPlus Expo in New York this weekend.

(More on both, after the jump.)

First, on the gels, many of those of you who were looking at usurious international shipping rates now have have options. If you go to the product page at Rosco, it should detect your location and direct you to a dealer within your country if one exists.

If that does not work, there is a full list of global outlets here. (The Flash Centre, for instance, in London, has already sold out and has since restocked.)

More and more countries are coming on, so keep checking if you want to get them without getting yanked on shipping charges.

The finest things in life -- happily, some are affordable. And in the case of OCF magnets, they're free if you know where to get them.

For those of you who have been following on Twitter, the "magnet drops" are starting to pop up all over the world. There's even an OCF Google Map, which is linked at the bottom of each post on this site.

PhotoPlus Expo is being held in in New York City this weekend. The whole city will be crawling with photographers -- except, sadly, for me, as I had a previous commitment. But I am sending a pile of magnets up to the Javits Center to make for easy pickings.

Broadsword Calling Danny Boy, The Eagle Has Landed

The magnets will be at four booths: ExpoImaging, LumiQuest, California Sunbounce and Zenfolio. Between them, they will have over 300 to give away.

Links are to the PPE floor map locations. Zenfolio and California SunBounce are at MPIX and BronImaging's booths, respectively. And because I am a doofus and sent them late, California Sunbounce will not have their until Friday. So if you are late to the others, try them.

We just can't leave those things lying around for the unwashed masses, of course. So they will be hidden, and there will be a coded way to ask for them:

You: "Pardon me. Would you have any Grey Poupon?"

Them (if they have any left): "But of course."

(And because many of you who read this site are international readers and/or under 30…)

Enjoy PPE. Wish I could make it.


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