DIY Awesomeness: Level-Headed Light Stand Mod

We love Reuben Krabbe's lazy-leg light stand mod so much we will be more than happy to help pimp his blatant appeal for new followers on Twitter and Facebook.

This mod is designed for a standard light stand. But for those of you who use compact, 5-section light stands, remember that they work differently because of the 180-degree leg-fold design.

Just eyeballing it, my thinking is that the extra holes on the leg -- going further down the leg -- would have to be spaced much tighter than two inches. (Half an inch, maybe?) I'd line it up and check the angles before drilling. Also, you might have to pull the pin and re-insert it to get it to close completely.

What a great mod, Reuben. Lots of tripods do this, but I have never seen it on a light stand.

[UPDATE: Apparently, Avenger makes a lazy-leg stand. Still liking this DIY route, tho.]

(Via the always excellent, where Udi has lots more light stand DIY stuff.)



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