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BTS: Wired Cover Shoot

Wired Magazine has posted a series of photos from their shoot of Bill Gates and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for this month's cover. It was shot by photographer Carlos Serrao, seen above looking pensive.

Gear-wise, it's a mix of Broncolor and Profoto, which may have just been what was available from local rental. A Para is used as a key light, and a Profoto umbrella through a large scrim as fill.

An umbrella and a gridded dish as rims round out what seemed like an unusual setup to me. (But then, I prolly woulda shot Gates with a cardboard snoot.)

The full set of pics is here. And definitely take a look at some of Serrao's other work, too.

UPDATE: There is now a full walk-thru on the photos, here.


Thanks to Nathan for the tip via Twitter.



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