Paul Buff to Raise, Lower Prices

With the new cancer-curing Einstein monoblocs now confirmed to be shipping next week, Paul Buff has addressed a growing question: Why in the world would anyone want to buy regular old White Lightnings now?

They wouldn't, is the obvious answer. So Buff is dropping prices on White Lightning flashes -- and raising prices on the Einstein.

The price increases aren't in place yet, but they are coming. So if you'd rather pay $439.95 than $499.95 for an Einstein, you'd better get crackin'.

And if you are gonna sell your White Lightnings to fund Einstein purchases, I'd get on that, too -- before eBay finds out about the price drop. (No word on exactly how much the WL prices will be dropping.)

New Einstein pricing will not affect current Einstein pre-orders, which are estimated to be at approximately 4 gazillion. And Paul said he'd also give a 30-day notice before implementing the new, market-balancing prices.

:: Einstein Product Page ::

Source: Fred Miranda forums, via Lighting Rumors



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