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Sketchy iShoot Sniper Remote Claims 500m Range, Immunity From Copyright

UPDATE: 500m? Bzzzznt. More like 30m, if published reports are to be believed. And it can't hold a 1/250th sec sync, either. Surprise, right?

Need to place that speedlight five football fields away? No problem.

Or, at least no problem 90% of the time, according to the specs on the "iShoot Sniper" remote transceiver from the Chinese company McLovin' Photoloving.

Highlights include...

• 500m range, with "average hit rate" (whatever that means) of 90%
• Max sync speed of 1/500th, for you D40/D70s folks
• Control (on/off) of three flash groups
• Transceiver design (receiver or transmitter, switched)
• Hot shoe sync, and pass-thru
• Designed in a "perfect and classic way," (and looking amazingly similar to the PW Flex units, natch.)

When You Absolutely, Positively Have to Shut Down Every #$!@ Pacemaker in the #$!@ Room…

Alas, the units are not compatible with Flex units, nor are they TTL compatible. This is because they use 2.4Ghz frequencies. Over 500m. Which means the FCC is gonna just love them. And what's a few phantom garage door openings across town, compared with a 90% fire rate, amirite?

On top of that, you just know these guys are ethical and aboveboard because...

(wait for it...)

That conveniently dark photo, above, from their website, of multiple flashes synching at one time using the iSniper? Bogus.

I know that, because it was shot by yours truly while teaching at the Defense Information School in 2007.

Yo, obscure Chinese company: You do know all of those guys whose likenesses you just appropriated along with my photo are badass military types, right? I've half a mind to pass this along to Tom Sperduto (second from right) -- and believe me you do not want that.

I'd do it myself but I am both busy and woefully out of shape. Just sayin'.

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