Hell Freezes Over, Gary Fong on Strobist

$65 cheeseburgers all around! Step up to the bar. I'm buyin'.

Normally I am not a huge fan of $65 cheeseburgers. Don't get me wrong, I luuurve cheeseburgers. Just not $65 cheeseburgers.

Similarly, I love plastic diffusers. Just not $65 plastic diffusers. So normally, I am not a huge fan of, say, Gary Fong products.

But today, for the first time in the 2,000+ post history of this blog, we are running a video from the Fongster himself. And we are not even doing it ironically.

Because today, Gary has a great tip for you …

So this is cool. What Gary is gonna show you how to do is to take a gel—any gel—and use it and your camera's white balance to alter the color of a scene. And then, by putting the gel on your flash you get your subject right back to neutral.

Coupla things to remember: This needs the ambient light to be pushing almost completely from behind the subject.

Oh, and because you are who you are, you really don't have to use on-camera flash for this. You're better than that.

Also, this might be a great time to bust out a snoot or a grid on that off-camera flash to keep your gelled light from re-contaminating the whacked-WB ambient.

But the idea is cool. And for that I am typing the following words for the first time, and completely without irony:

I salute you, Gary Fong.

Thanks to Bill Millios for the tip. (Sub-$65) cheeseburger photo by Strobist reader Victor Shum.


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