2013 GPP Shootout Challenge: Photograph Greg Heisler

The Gulf Photo Plus 2013 Shootout just concluded, and boy was it a doozy.

The challenge: make a portrait of Greg Freakin' Heisler, soup to nuts, in front of 350 people in 20 mins flat. No pressure there.

Major props to John Keatley, who managed to not crack under the pressure and actually make a portrait of Heisler that was consistent with the slightly off-center Keatley style.

Completely seriously, I want a 16x20 of this for the Strobist Cave.

And here's the thing: Keatley didn't even win it. This year's winner was Zack Arias, who suffice to say has a brass pair for what he did. You'll definitely want to watch the video when it comes out.

Whatever you have to do to get to Dubai for GPP, make it happen.



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