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Wait! It's Not What it Looks Like!

That's pretty much what I had to tell my wife, the first time she saw this baby in my basement.

And yeah, I do know what it looks like. Doesn't help that it has the words "Wizard Stick" printed on the other side of it, either.

But actually, this thing is a hand-held, AA-powered fog machine. Yeah it is…

I saw it on Amazon and I couldn't resist. It was $30, and even came with some fog juice. Free shipping. Impulse purchase. Bam.

No, it won't replace a full-blown fogger. But what it will do is give you a pretty decent (think "cigar" amount) dose of very localized smoke for a portrait if you're in an enclosed area. Plus, it runs on 6 AAs. How convenient is that?

I was gonna shoot it running for a second pic, but this Amazon product shot pretty much shows you what it will do. And doesn't look bong-y at all, right?

Seriously, all that photo needs is a black light, a peace poster and a price tag of $4.20. (People who bought the "Wizard Stick" also purchased ... Doritos!)

It's got 3.5 stars on 15 reviews, and mine has been working just fine. But there definitely appears to be a hit-or-miss factor going on. The reviews are more good than bad but I think mostly you have to realize this not gonna produce a lot of smoke and is not something you'll will to your grandkids.

But for the occasional "I need a little atmosphere for this tight portrait" I am thinking the Wizard Stick will work just fine. So I thought I'd pass it around.


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