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How To...

The below are a collection of explainer posts on a variety of subjects—some specific, some general. But all, hopefully, helpful.

How to Quick-Change an SLR Lens
Old Flash? How to Not Fry Your Camera
How to Photograph Christmas Lights
Turn Your Flash Into a Super-Tele
How to Clean Your Sensor
Ball-Bungee Speedlight Soft Box Mount
How to Channel Hop Relay a PocketWizard
How to Improve Your WebCam Quality
How to Light Christmas Morning
How to Use Guide Numbers
How to Use Ultra High-Speed Sync
Understand Your Monobloc
How They Kill Glasses Reflections—In China
Use Your Phone as a Light Source
How to Choose an Umbrella
Three Speedlights Into One Soft Box
Use a Free Blog to Sell Your House
Protect Your Flash From Gels
Choosing Big Lights
Lazy Leg Light Stand Mod
Know Your Real Sync Speed
Use the Optical Slave in Your Nikon SB-800
Use the Optical Slave in Your SB-900
Use ND Filters to Kill Depth of Field
Understanding t.1 and t.5 Times
How to Use Subtle Rim Lights
Using Optical Slaves, Pt. 1
Using Optical Slaves, Pt. 2
Correcting for Weird Fluorescents
Track Ambient Automatically While Using Flash
Amp Your Cityscapes with FL Balance
Use an Umbrella Like a Ring Light
Hack Your Background Stands
Protect Your Arena Lighting from Theft
Use Your Ceiling as a Creamy Big Source
Choosing and Using Soft Modifiers
Insane, Two-Speedlight Architectural Technique
Choose an Extension Cord for Your Big Lights
Understand Radio and Remotes
Make and Keep a Location Catalog
Seeing Blue Hour
Sara Lando: How to Photograph People Pt. 1
Sara Lando: How to Photograph People Pt. 2
Sara Lando: How to Photograph People Pt. 3
Sara Lando: Self-Taught vis Self-Portrait
Fine-Tune Your Manual Flash From the Camera
Gelling Large Light Sources
Shoot a Great Passport Photo
Use Shells to Warm Your Monos
Tips for Dealing with Cables
Keep Your Old Flash from Exploding
Light a 1,300-Person Group Shot
Source and Repair Your Speedlight's Flash Tube
Efficiently Gel a Beauty Dish
How to Light Indoor Sports


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