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Lighting 101 To Go

It's like Lighting 101, but in convenient takeout form.

PLEASE NOTE that there is no need to request permission to share the document. It is public, but you need to be logged into Google to access it. Feel free to download and host it yourself, so long as you do not change it. Or you may just link to it on Google Drive if you like.

Also, viewing it online the photos look very compressed and pixelated. This is fixed when you download it and view it locally. Which is the entire point of the PDFs.

In English

English (PDF by Michael Turcotte)

Other Launguages

Portuguese (PDF by Eduardo Cassus)

German (PDF by Ulrike Linn)

Spanish (PDF by Francisco Alvarez Raineri and Sebastián Tellería)

French (PDF by Cédric Hauteville)

Hungarian (PDF by Sándor Lipp)


Huge thanks to the translators of Lighting 101. Because of their efforts, many others will be able to read it in their native language.

Please note that Lighting 101 is the only module on the site for which PDF publication and offline distribution is permitted.


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