Speedlinks Bucket Overflows, Flooding Basement

What with all of the Halloween festivities this weekend, I completely forgot about the speedlinks bucket. I left it on downstairs, where it continued to fill with links sent in via the comments section.

Long story short, the basement is now completely flooded with excess speedlinks. The cat was marooned on the island/couch and we had to wade through everything to rescue her. She was pissed, and apparently shredded one of the speedlinks beyond recognition.

But there's plenty of good stuff left over, after the jump.

Speedlinks: 11/3/2008

• Over at DG28.com, Neil Turner shows you how to use foreground elements to hide your lights in a photo.

• Too worried about the financial meltdown to spring for a LumiQuest SB-III? Here's a link to a DIY version.

• Remember that killer Kung Fu shoot? Chase did a video on how he did the high-speed water burst shots. Reader's Digest version: Cody knifes a balloon.

• Sports shooter Mark Rebilas spends a rare off-weekend practicing with a ring flash in his garage studio setup.

• Hot shot car photographer Ken Brown stumbled across a video of Martin Schoeller shooting Paris Hilton. (Normally Schoeller's female subjects are more built...)

• Hulu has an "In Harm's Way" episode moved to the web that featured two war photographers. For some reason, this seems to be retricted to US viewers only. If you find a proxy workaround, please post in the comments.

• The F Stop features a walk-thru of a high-end shoot for Adidas. Not speedlight-friendly at all. Not even close...

• Pocketwizard, Schmocketwizard: Robert Benson can trigger his remote cameras from twenty miles away.

• Hiding the Lights, Version 2.0: I have stuck a lot of flashes in a lot of places. But I have never thought of sticking one here. To the recently-married Zack Arias, words of wisdom: Let the assistant position the Sunpak 120j's from now on.

• And last but not least, hippie-to-be-square Dave Honl blogs about his lit Halloween self portraits. Yeah, bay-bee, yeeeeeeeeaaahhh...


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