Reverse Engineer This:

Strobist reader teewonk got his flash just last week and threw this very cool shot of a helmet up as his very first picture posted to the group.

It's wonderfully lit, to be sure. But can you figure out how it was lit?

If I had not already seen the book, Light, Science and Magic, I have to admit that it would have stumped me. And lest you think he is all high-end lighting gear, I will tell you that he used only a single Vivitar 285HV. And one of his light modifer supports is the post from a floor lamp.

This is totally ghetto-studio.

If you have not already seen the "how-to" pic in the Flickr Strobist pool, take a moment to reverse engineer the photo. When you think you have it - or are stumped - you can see the solution here. If you want to take a closer look at the photo, you can see it in its hi-res glory here.

And nice shot, teewonk.


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