Flashbacks, 7/15/07

I am psyched today, as we'll be shooting no fewer than three "On Assignments" for the Strobist DVD series this evening. I have a slew of enthusiastic, underpaid reader-helpers coming. And I expect we'll have lotsa fun until they kick us out of the health club we are invading.

One housekeeping note: Starting this week, I am swapping the Lighting 102 articles to where they appear on Tuesdays. They are pretty involved pieces, and I would rather have Monday to work on them instead of late-late nite Sundays. We have one more lesson/exercise before we'll be shooting a few real assignments.

And the material we are covering Tuesday was another "aha" moment for me when I first got it.

The flashbacks today are from May, 2006. One is a cool DIY project, and the other is a money saver, too.

• Strobist reader Joachim Guanzon shows us how to mount a Holga lens on a digital EOS body for all kinds of cool, fuzzy artsy possibilities. There is a second link on the page that points to a store-bought source, too. Just $49.95.

• Also, my favorite technique for finding cheap Nikon lenses and vintage flashes on eBay.

Happy Sunday, y'all. Off to spend the day with the curtain climbers.


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