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UltraBounce: Bare Bulb Flash, Flat as a Pancake

I was bouncing around the LumiQuest site last night and saw something pretty neat. It's a Sto-Fen Omnibounce-ish sort of thing, but it folds flat to not take up much space in your pocket or bag.

Mind you, these things are not panaceas. No matter how much you pay (some will cost you a ridiculously Scary Song) their primary use is to send your flash's light out in all directions.

Sure, if you are in a small room, you'll get some fill bounce from the ceiling and/or walls. But it would be a "Whale of a Tale" to attribute any other magical, wallet-draining powers to them.

So, what are they really good for? Omni-directional light, of course. Off-camera, these things are quite useful. The original L101 post on bare-bulb modifiers is here. A B-B mod (a Sto-Fen) was also used to light the alcove for Michael in Paris.

Given that they take up no room when folded, I'd swap out my four Sto-Fens for these things in a New York Minute if I were concerned with cubic inches when traveling.

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