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50 DIY Projects for Lighting Photographers

Do you have more time than money? Time to get your MacGuyver on with this collection of DIY projects. From the ridiculous to the sublime, it's all here. Most of these have been submitted by Strobist readers with more ingenuity than cash. That said, no matter how flush you are it is always better to save your cash for things you can't make yourself.

Links are coded to open in new tabs, for easier multi-project browsing. Pictured above: $10 DIY Macro Studio

Build a $10 Custom Wooden Backdrop Mount
Turn Your DSLR into a Digi-Holga
Make a Macro Strip Light
$10 Cardboard Macro Studio
Source for Adding Sync Jack to Canon Flashes
Jedrek's Original DIY Ring Flash Adapter
"On-Camera" Off-Camera Macro Light
DIY Collapsible Soft Box
Corrugated, Pre-Warmed Grid Spot
Free Coroplast Grid Spots
Super-Cheap Cereal Box Ring Flash
Spaghetti Box Snoots
Five-Cent Micro Studio
Energy Hog Tungsten Ring Flash
The Shoe-Mount Flash Holder
Pathetically Simple Hobo Soft Box
Awesome Waterproof Flash Housing
The Black Straw Grid
Tab Your Gels
$8, Fold-Flat Ring Flash Adapter
DIY LIght Mod Maker's Best Friend
T-Nut Your Flash
Produce Aisle Fong Dome
Easy, Non-Invasive SB-600 Sync Jack
Internal DIY Sync Mod for SB-600
Design: DIY "HD" Ring Flash
Build: DIY "HD" Ring Flash
Trash Bag Light Softener
David Tejada's DIY Beauty Dish
How To Neuter Your OCF Cord
DIY Speed Straps
Chicken-Neck Your SB-800 For 360 Spin
More Humane SB-800 360 Mod
Homebrew SunBounce Panel
Japanese Lanterns as Soft-Spheres
DIY Salad Bowl Beauty Dish
LumiQuest SB-III Barn Door
For Food Photography: The Lunch Box
Speedmount Hack for Your Honl Grid
Practically Free Paper Speedlight Diffuser
Garage Mahal Studio, Pt. 1
Garage Mahal Studio, Pt. 2
Any-Grid-To-Your-Speedlight Mount
Detailed DIY Ring Flash Tutorial Video
Ebay Beauty Dish Speedlight Mount
Ebay Beauty Dish: More Mods
Possibly Dangerous DIY Bare-Bulb Beauty Dish
Wreath Bag Beauty Dish Case
Make a Glare-Busting, Shoot-Thru Shade
$10 Home Depot Acrylic Dome
Cold-Shoe Your Mono for Better Radio Range
Genius: A Gaffer Tape Key Fob


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