UPDATE, MAY 2024: When I wrapped up Strobist in 2021, I promised to check back in whenever I had something worth sharing. Today, I’m announcing my new book, The Traveling Photographer’s Manifesto, which seeks to be for traveling photographers what Strobist always aspired to be for lighting photographers. If that's you, I hope you'll enjoy it. -DH



Money is hard to come by, and easy to watch slip away. So I have always tried to do my best to guide people to the best things on which to spend their hard-earned cash. Chosen well, books or gear (or whatever) can return great value. Chosen poorly, you may as well be flushing it down the drain.

Most of these are solid items, and worth the investment. If it is bad, I usually do not waste your time or mine with it. But some things are bad enough for me to actually want to warn you off—and some are total junk.

Herewith, the collection of Strobist Reviews. New pages open in tabs, to make bulk browsing more manageable.

Phottix Juno Manual Flash w/Remote
Holy Sh*t: Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte Paper
Book: Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait
Core Gear: Westcott Double-Fold Umbrella
The Revived Vivitar 285 is a Piece of Crap
Book: Light, Science and Magic
Video: Joey Lawrence Tutorial
Book: The Moment It Clicks
Book: Minimalist Lighting
Gear: Honl Speed Grids
Gear: The LumiQuest Soft Box III
Book: Annie Leibovitz At Work
Book: The Hot Shoe Diaries
Gear Kacey Painter Pole Adapter
Gear: Universal Translator
Gear: Strobies XS
Gear: RadioPopper JrX
Gear: Savage Pneumatic Posing Table
Rosco Strobist Gels
Gear: Ray Flash vs Orbis vs AB800, Pt. 1
Gear: AlienBees
Gear: Profotos
Gear: Elinchrom
Gear: YongNuo 10m OCF Cords
Gear: Matthews Scissors-Clip
Gear: NiZN AA Batts
Gear: Mystery Meat Chinese 400ws Flash
Gear: Paul Buff Einsteins
Gear: LumoPro LP160
Gear: Honl 8" Traveller Soft Box
Gear: YongNuo YN-560
Gear: Lastolite Triflash Sync
Gear: Frio Cold Shoe
Gear: Nikon SB-700
Gear: Westcott Updates Double-Fold Umbrella
Gear: LumiQuest LtP
Gear: AlienBees LED Model Lamps
Gear: Rosco CalColor Gels
Gear: Sketchy, Infring-y "Sniper" Remote
Gear: Generic Ebay Beauty Dish
Gear: Snoots - Flashpoint and Rogue
Gear: DIY Lighting's Ring Flash Adapter
Gear: Paul Buff Vagabond Mini Lithium Battery
Gear: PocketWizard Plus III Remotes
Appreciation: Spill-Kill Reflectors
Gear: Saxon PC Grids
Gear: Wein Infrared Remotes
Gear: California SunBounce Bounce Wall
Books: Two, by Dan Winters
Books: Secrets of Great Portrait Photography
Movie: Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters
Gear: Fujifilm X100s
Gear: PocketWizard Plus X Remotes
Gear: "Polaroid" Bare-Bulb Speedlight
Gear: Phottix Mitros
Gear: LumoPro LP180
Gear: RoundFlash Ring Flash Adapter
Gear: Wizard Stick
Book: Gregory Heisler 50 Portraits
Gear: Fotodiox LED Monoblocks
Book: Dan Winters' Road to Seeing
Gear: Fuji Follow-Up
On the Road? Backup Without the Bulk-Up


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