When I completed Strobist as a project in 2021, I promised to check back in when I had something worth sharing. Today, I’m announcing my new book, The Traveling Photographer’s Manifesto, which seeks to do for traveling photographers what Strobist always tried to do for lighting photographers.

Thanks for giving it a look—and for your comments and feedback.

On Assignment

Welcome to the On Assignment archive, where we translate the skills you learned in Lighting 101 to the real world. These posts include many of my own assignments from the last ten years, and you'll see my lighting skills growing right along with your own.

Each On Assignment post links to the next. So if you want, you can eat 'em like peanuts. Enjoy.


Wind Tunnel
Abstract Concrete
Star Gazer
Real Estate Developer
Blind Snoot Portrait
Conference Room Quickie
Lighting Prep Basketball
Taming Harsh Sunlight
Big Gym, Little Lights
Light the Little Stuff
Thinking Outside of The Box
Designing a Backdrop
Lighting for Detail
Guy on a Boat
Dealing with TV's and CRT's
Simple Wall/Snoot Portrait
Make the Ambient Work For You
Use a Second Light to Create Tension
Womens Lacrosse Cover
Lacrosse Cover, v2.0
Free Custom Backdrops: Using Flash into a Sunset
Ant Upton: Soccer Preview Shot
Robert McNary: Shoot Your Kid
Developing an Idea, Part 1: Compact Fluorescent Bulb
Developing an Idea, Part 2: Compact Fluorescent Bulb
5-Minute Test Shot
Shiny, Pretty Things
Pool Portrait
Strobe on a Rope
Tupperware and Trash Bags, Pt. 1 of 3
Tupperware and Trash Bags, Pt. 2 of 3
Tupperware and Trash Bags, Pt. 3 of 3
Soup Up Your $10 DIY Macro Studio
How To Light A Comet
Test Driving the DIY Softbox Grid Spot
Medical Illustrator
Fourth and Long? Punt With a Plant
Shade is Your Friend
Sometimes it's Not the Photo, it's the Process
Zebra Fish and Zygotes
David X. Tejada: Kicking Butt with Small Flashes
Stainless Steel and Cookies
How to Photograph Christmas Lights
Hit for Average
Always Look for a Detail
Book Club Illustration
Lighting a Large Interior
Found Backdrops, Pt. 1
Macaroni and Cheese
Speedlighting a College Gym
Special Q&A: Speedlighting a Gym
Flavored Vodkas
Light the Details
Spring Arts Guide
Hero Fan
Spring Desserts
Group Shot: 2 Speedlights, 34 People
Michael in Paris
Eke in Paris
Steve at Google
Nest Egg
Peter Yang: Admiral William Fallon
Golf Feature
Controlling Daylight, Pt. 1
Controlling Daylight, Pt. 1
Night Chopper, Pt. 1
Night Chopper, Pt. 2
Fifty Years
One-Light Real Estate Shoot
Reluctant Poet
Manil Suri
Monteverde Institute
Planes and Arrows
Prep Quarterback
Shooting for Social Media
STB: John McIntyre
Climber Hands
Glass Menagerie
Trip Jennings
STB: Gus Sentementes
Earth Treks Pt. 1
Earth Treks Pt. 2
Earth Treks Pt. 3
Gas Station Tacos
Nathan Carlisle
The Soprano
STB: Sian Meades
Guitarist Mark Edwards
Betty Allison
Cellist Caleb Jones
STB: J.D. Roth
Nataniel Welch, Men's Journal
Bionic Arm
Summer Reading
Stink Bugs
Radio Silence
Newspaper Man
David Tejada
Bullet-Proof Glass
Frickin' Lasers
Brian England
Inside the Black Box
Plain and Simple Light
Martin Prihoda for Cosmo
Miller Mobley: Chaplain
Finn O'Hara: Mixing Light
John Keatley: Best in Show
Chris Crisman: Self-Investment
Brad Trent: Ocean Master Pt. 1
Brad Trent: Ocean Master Pt. 2
Concert Pianist
Hi-Def Asparagus
Mathieu Young, Moonlighting
Inside the Soft Box
Open Air Studio
Tweaking Dusk
Stephanie Barnes
Theresa Daytner Pt. 1
Theresa Daytner Pt. 2
Soccer Through Sunset
Inside the Box
Caleb Vaughn-Jones
Night Soprano Pt. 1
Night Soprano Pt. 2
Reed Quintet
Hiding Your Flash
Samantha McEwen
Tenor Luke Grooms
On Axis, On Budget
Antonio Beverly
Greg Funnell: Joe Wright
Mathieu Young's Harvest
Smokin' Joe
Toufic Araman's Sunset Resort
Man on a Mission
86-Second Portrait
MarchFourth Marching Band
Light That Isn't There
Hide Key w/Fill
Cheap Portable Studio Pt. 1
Cheap Portable Studio Pt. 2
Cafeteria Lunches
Bluebirds and Stink Bugs
Rebecca Hargrove Pt. 1
Pianist Duo
Martin Prihoda: Priyanka Copra
Flute Duo
Hall Studio
Rebecca Hargrove Pt. 2
Evoking Expression
Scout and a Shoot, Pt. 1
Scout and a Shoot, Pt. 2
Don't Deny the Obvious
Chasing Light: Actress Margo Seibert
Follow-Up QA: Margo Seibert
Loren Wohl's Chokra and Awe
Cellist Carolyn Rosinsky
Full-Sun Group Shot
Actor Ben Lurye
Lighting Like Leo
The Light You Don't See
Studio in the Wild
Mum for Fuji
A Leaf and a Dish
Nayan Khanolkar: Alley Cat


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